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JLOS facts and figures at a glance JLOS facts and figures at a glance


The Justice Law and Order Sector Annual Performance Report (2011/12) assesses the performance of the sector during the FY 2011/12 across the seventeen institutions that constitute JLOS’ annual planning and budgeting framework.

The outcomes and outputs, their indicators and associated targets, and actions outlined in the Second Strategic Investment Plan (SIP II), the sector work plan and budget for FY 2011/12 were used as the framework for the analysis. Performance was measured at all levels of the results chain from impact to results, outputs, activities and input usage. The performance information in the report was generated from the analysis of the data from sector submissions.

We now bring you facts and figure highlights of the Uganda JLOS Annual Performance Report (2011 - 2012)


Rule of Law and Due Process

  1. 76% priority laws under SIPII enacted and 90% enacted laws implemented
  2. 95% principal laws revised
  3. Decline in disposal of disciplinary cases by JSC and Law Council
  4. JSC fully constituted
  5. 64% conviction rates in anti-corruption cases
  6. 8 Lapsed bills re-tabled in Parliament

Human Rights

  1. Reduction in human rights violations by JLOS institutions
  2. 87.6% prison units have functional human rights committee
  3. 54% increase in prisons carrying capacity over SIPII period but prison population growth is at 72%
  4. 32% of prison units have eliminated the bucket system over the SIPII period.
  5. Low disposal rate of human rights complaints by UHRC
  6. Less than 2deaths for every 1000 inmates held
  7. 76% of prison warders and 55% police men entitled to a house have access to accommodation but of varying quality

Access to Justice

  1. Courts functionally present in 95% of districts
  2. DPP now in 84 districts
  3. Average length of stay on remand for capital offenders 11.8months
  4. Disposal rate of registered cases 144%
  5. Case backlog reduced by 21.7%
  6. 60% public satisfaction with JLOS services
  7. 56% increase in access to legal aid
  8. 58% stalled PRDP projects completed
  9. Police population ratio and prisoner warder ratio decline
  10. 550% increase in LDC student pass rate
  11. 3.7% increase in convicted prisoners

Contribution of JLOS to Economic Development

  1. 76% priority commercial laws enacted
  2. 173% disposal rate of registered civil cases
  3. 134% disposal rate of land cases registered
  4. Increase in total commercial cases disposed
  5. Increased use of ADR with 44 mediators trained
  6. 17 land courts established
  7. Low disposal rate of tax disputes
  8. 34% growth in NTR collections
  9. 3 places drop in competitiveness ranking

Safety of person and security of property

  1. 43% reduction in incidence of crime over SIPII period
  2. 32% reduction in juvenile offenders
  3. Reduction in cases of rape
  4. 53% conviction rate in criminal cases
  5. 0.3% reduction in road accidents
  6. Recidivism reduced to 26.7%
  7. 79%increase in cases of drug abuse and drug trafficking
  8. Reduction in corruption related cases
  9. 48% increase in women committing crime
  10. Increase in cases of defilement
  11. Increase in offenders rehabilitated
  12. Increase in use of community service as an alternative sentence


[Extracted from the JLOS Annual Performance Report 2011/12]


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