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JLOS Vision, Mission and Objectives

JLOS' Vision, Mission and Objectives JLOS' Vision, Mission and Objectives




JLOS-Empowering people. Building trust.  Upholding rights. 



JLOS Vision: 


“Ensure that people in Uganda live in a Safe and Just Society”


At the macro level JLOS contributes directly to structural transformation of the Ugandan economy by promoting the rule of law through effective regulation of economic activity, clarification and affirmation of rights, and strengthening laws, regulations and institutional arrangements that shape daily economic and social activity. 

The end result of JLOS performance are improvements in economic and social health of the country creating an environment conducive for national investment in the priority sectors thereby strengthening Uganda’s competitiveness for wealth creation, inclusive growth and employment.

Regulations that are transparent, efficient and implemented in the simplest of ways make it easier for poor people to operate within the law and to benefit from the opportunities and protections that the law provides and is critical for the transformation of society.    




To improve the safety of the person, security of property, and access to justice for inclusive growth.



Strategic objectives 


a) To enhance JLOS infrastructure and access to JLOS services 

b) To promote the observance of human rights and fight corruption 

c) To strengthen commercial justice and the environment for competitiveness


SIP III Focus Areas