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Our Mission, Goals and Objectives


Ensure that people in Uganda live in a Safe and Just Society”


Improve the safety of the person, security of property, observance of human rights and access to justice for accelerating growth, employment and prosperity.


Participation, empowerment and ownership through mechanisms that enable all JLOS institutions to access and control structures and processes that transform their outputs into desirable sector outcomes; Growth and equity in service provision to remove the gender,age, social and geographical disparities in the distribution of benefits from JLOS SIP III investments; Deepening and strengthening de-concentration in line with the overarching policy of moving political and governance structures nearer to the people; Transparency in the partnership; Accountability to stakeholders; and Excellence in implementation processes and outputs.

JLOS Overall Goal

To promote the rule of law. The sector in SIP III will primarily aim at promoting the rule of law and shall aspire to ensure that 70% of population of the people in Uganda are satisfied with JLOS services and that public confidence in the justice system is increased from 34% in 2008 to 50% in 2017.