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JLOS Secretariat Staff

Ms. Rachel Odoi-Musoke

Senior Technical Advisor


Mr. Sam Wairagala

Deputy Senior Technical Advisor/Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation


Mr. Musa Modoi

Advisor, Human Rights and Accountability


Ms. Lucy Ladira

Advisor, Access to Justice (Criminal)


Ms. Margaret Ajok

Advisor, Transitional Justice (National)


Mr.Tony Odoch Lagamber

Financial Management Specialist


Ms. Maria B. Lutaaya

Projects Accountant


Ms. Barbara Kitui

Resource Person (Family Justice)


Ms. Grace Chelimo

Resource Person (Land Justice)


Mr. Francis Luswata

Systems Analyst


Mr. Edgar Kuhimbisa

Information and Communications Technology Officer (E-Justice and Digital Transformation)


Ms. Betty Tukutendereza



Ms. Joyce Mukhwana

Administrative Assistant