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The Community Justice Centre at Otuke, was officially opened on March 23, 2011 while the Community Justice Centre at Kiryadongo, was officially opened on March 24, 2011. This event brought to the close the official opening of four Community Justice Centres which were built with a grant of approximately U$3,000,000 from the United States Government under the emergency assistance to Uganda.

The Hon. the Chief Justice of Uganda Justice Benjamin Odoki and the Deputy Head of Mission of the American Embassy in Uganda presided over the official opening of the Community Justice Centres. Community Justice Centres aim at bringing all judicial and legal services under one roof to make them cheaper, affordable and within easy reach of all especially the poor.

Community Justice Centres are also part of the long-term plan by the Government to harness and support the peace process in Northern Uganda through the re-establishment of civilian institutions in the war torn Northern Uganda.


Official opening of the High Court at Lira
Mr. Justice Benjamin Odoki- the Chief Justice of Uganda officially opened the High Court at Lira on March 23, 2011. The opening of the High Court in Lira is intended to bring legal and judicial services to the people of Lango, who hitherto had to either travel to the High Court at either Soroti or Gulu to have their cases heard.

However, with the opening of the High Court at Lira, the people of greater Lango should be assured that their cases will be attended to with speed and those with complaints against lower courts, will have a judge to attend to them.

The Justice Law and Order Sector therefore wishes to thank the American Government and people especially Ms. Amanda Willet, Mr. John Gatton and all the staff of the Northern Uganda Transitional Initiative for the hard work done in building the Community Justice Centres and the High Court Lira in a record time of seven months.


By Edgar Kuhimbisa | Published: March 25, 2011


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