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Rationale for the Project

JLOS institutions are scattered over dispersed locations in Kampala. While the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs is located on Parliament Avenue, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions is at Workers House, the criminal courts are at Kololo, Nakasero and at the Constitutional Square etc, JSC at Parliament Avenue, Police Headquarters Naguru, Kibuli, Kololo, Bukoto and Kireka, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is on Jinja Road, Wandegeya and Nakasero.

Most of the JLOS institutions are located in parts of the City that are not readily accessible yet the mandates of these institutions are complementary and require close proximity for communication, cooperation and coordination. The rented premises currently occupied by the JLOS institutions were not specially designed for the provision of JLOS services and are therefore not convenient for the provisions of JLOS services.

The services relating to each institution cannot be integrated to create an effective and conducive working environment and yet the mandates of the JLOS institutions are complementary. In addition, their location in different places has resulted in decreased accessibility of JLOS services to the general public, especially the poor and marginalized who often have difficulties in finding their way to the right institution.

The current office premises of these 17 institutions are also overcrowded and do not have sufficient space for the staff and storage space. JLOS is also confronted with huge annual costs for renting the headquarters of these institutions. 

The Justice Law and Order Sector is currently spending over 4.8 million US dollars to rent the headquarters and other facilities relating to the 17 institution. On several occasions the sector has accumulated rent arrears and has faced threats of eviction from the landlords which threaten the effective discharge of the mandates of the JLOS institutions. These institutions include, the Uganda Police Force, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda Law Reform Commission, Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Appellate Courts and High Court Divisions such as family, international crimes and anti-corruption.

Institution/ Annual Rent (USD)

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs - $938,672
Judiciary - $2,282,031
Uganda Police Force - $625,000
Directorate of Public Prosecutions - $268,750
Uganda Law Reform Commission - $143,359
Uganda Registration Services Bureau - $531,206
Tax Appeals Tribunal - $62,500
Uganda Prison Services  - $27,344
Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control - $15,625

Total: $4,894,487

If monies spent on rent are injected into propelling the construction of a one-stop JLOS service centre, the risk of eviction arising from rent arrears will be eliminated.

In the case of the JLOS institutions which are located in premises owned by the Government, like the CID Headquarters in Kibuli and Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, the premises are congested, dilapidated and outdated and in urgent need of renovation or refurbishment.