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Isingiro Justice Centre Officially Opened

 Ms Ungersböck Simone from the Austrian Development Corporation (ADC) planting a tree during the official opening of the Isingiro Justice Centre on March 22, 2014 (PHOTO: JLOS/Edgar Kuhimbisa) Ms Ungersböck Simone from the Austrian Development Corporation (ADC) planting a tree during the official opening of the Isingiro Justice Centre on March 22, 2014 (PHOTO: JLOS/Edgar Kuhimbisa)

ISINGIRO – The Isingiro Justice Centre was officially opened today by the Ag. Chief Justice in what continues to be a demonstration of the Justice, Law and Order Sector’s commitment to enhancing access to justice services through innovative infrastructural developments. The Isingiro Justice Centre is beautifully located on the cascading outskirts of Isingiro town – 35 km from Mbarara. This 1.2 bn shs building complex houses the Police, Courts and Offices of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) – a unique justice delivery model adopted by JLOS to ensure the completeness of the “chain of Justice”. Plans are underway to construct a Prison reception centre nearby.

What are justice centres?

The Justice Centre concept is built on the principle that justice services are integrated – with shared processes and linkages. Having a court, a police station, office of the DPP and the Prisons in close proximity ensure that justice is dispensed on time without delays normally associated with these service centres being physically apart (in different geographical locations).

Historical milestone

Justice Remmy Kasule (representing the Ag. Chief Justice) said that the opening of Isingiro Justice Centre was a historical milestone worth celebrating. He added that the presence of the JLOS leadership in Isingiro today was part of the sector’s deeper shared vision to serve all the people of Uganda without discrimination. He also pledged to ensure that these new buildings are equipped and staffed to provide quality Judicial, prosecution and policing services to the people of Isingiro and the neighboring districts.

A stepping stone for reforms

Hon. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima , the Minister of Internal Affairs said that the construction of these magnificent buildings would now inspire the sector to work toward reforming its processes and methods of work focusing on effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system. He said that in future, additional JLOS service points from various front line institutions should be part of the justice centres singling out immigration services being offered by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC).

The Isingiro Justice Centre cost 1.2 bn shs and is one of the many justice centres being constructed in the country by JLOS in partnership with our development partners. The commissioning ceremony today was part of the ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation visit by the JLOS leadership committee in south western Uganda. On March 23 2014, during the last leg of the visit, the team will be in Kabale assessing JLOS projects and programmes in the district.

NOW AVAILABLE: PICTURES of the Official Opening of Isingiro Justice Centre

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