Zimbabwe delegation concludes bench-marking visit to JLOS

Visiting Zimbabwe delegation during a visit to Luzira Women's prison  (PHOTO: JLOS) Visiting Zimbabwe delegation during a visit to Luzira Women's prison (PHOTO: JLOS)


A delegation from Zimbabwe on September 5th 2014 concluded a benchmarking visit to the Justice, Law and Order Sector. The 8-member delegation from Zimbabwe’s Justice, Law and Order Sector was led by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr Fortune Chasi. Other members of the delegation were Ms Mabel Msika (Director Policy and Legal Research); Ms Goretti Mudzongo (Project Coordinator); Asst Commissioner Takawira Nzombe (Deputy Director Legal Services); Ms Patricia Mavhembu (Principal Law Officer Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services); Mr Michael Mugabe (Chief Law Officer, National Prosecuting Authority); Ms Abigail Musara (JLOS Secretariat Zimbabwe) and Mr Elliott Mudyahoto (Principal Community Service Officer).

The purpose of the visit was to learn and share experiences in the implementation of the sector wide approach in the dispensation of justice. JLOS Zimbabwe has been in operation for the past 2 years in comparison to JLOS Uganda’s 14-year existence.

The delegation met with a cross-section of representatives of JLOS institutions and institutional heads including the Ag. Chief Justice (Chairperson JLOS Leadership Committee); Hon. Justice Richard Buteera (former Alternate JLOS Steering Committee and current judge of the Court of Appeal); Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, Commissioner General Prisons; Justice Mike Chibita, the Director Public Prosecution; H.W Gadenya Paul, Chief Registrar (Alternate Chairperson JLOS Steering Committee); Hon. Fredrick Ruhindi, the State Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Deputy Attorney General; Mr. Francis Atoke, the Solicitor General; officials from the Uganda Law Society Secretariat including the Executive Director; officials from the National Community Service Programme, Justice Centres Uganda; Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (Secretariat of the Paralegal Advisory Services Programme [PAS]); and the JLOS Secretariat.

During discussions, officials from the Justice, Law and Order Sector (Uganda) shared experiences which commenced in 1999. The visiting delegation was informed that at the commencement, JLOS focused on cooperation, collaboration and coordination (3Cs) across all sector institutions in order to enhance service delivery. At the beginning, JLOS-UG was comprised of 12 institutions and 2 reform programmes – criminal and commercial justice. To date, there are 17 institutions and the sector is currently implementing its Third Strategic Investment Plan (SIP III) and operates a sector-wide budget and work plan. The delegation was also enlightened on the structures within JLOS; the Leadership Committee to the Steering Committee, Technical Committee, Working Groups, Chain-Linked Committees and the JLOS Secretariat including their respective roles in ensuring access to justice and the rule of law in Uganda.

The delegation also learnt how JLOS (Uganda) contributes to the provision of legal aid services through the Uganda Law Society and Justice Centres (hosted by the Judiciary).

During a visit to the Luzira Women’s Prison, the visiting delegation witnessed the collaboration between Uganda Prisons Serves and Paralegal Advisory Services (PAS) in the dispensation of justice

In the debriefing session chaired by the Ag Senior Technical, the Zimbabwe delegation was encouraged to start with quick-wins and to have a gradual rollout of activities in order to register tangible results. Hon. F. Chasi, the head of the visiting delegation thanked the Sector for the warm reception and information sharing and refered to JLOS (Uganda) as the best in Africa. He said that the Government of Zimbabwe would continue liaising with Uganda’s Justice, Law and Order Sector to learn best practices since the country is in the early stage of implementing the sector-wide approach.


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