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Judiciary Appoints Chief Inspector of Courts

Justice Augustine Nshimye (PHOTO: The NewVision) Justice Augustine Nshimye (PHOTO: The NewVision)


The Hon. JSC. Augustine Sebuturo Nshimye has been appointed as the Chief Inspector of Courts for the Judiciary with effect from 13th January 2016. This is a positive step in the promotion of accountability within the Judiciary and the JLOS Sector as a whole. His Lordship shall be responsible for carrying out the functions of the Inspectorate of Courts in line with the Constitution (Inspectorate of Courts)(Practice Directive) 2015. This position mandates his Lordship to receive, investigate and evaluate complaints from the public against judicial officials.

Previously, the functions of the Inspectorate of Courts were carried out by a Registrar of the High Court. By virtue of the Registrar’s position in the judicial staff hierarchy, it was difficult to inspect and take decisive action against senior judicial officers at levels above Registrar; thus against judges of the High Court, the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court. The appointment of a justice of the Supreme Court therefore rightful places the Inspectorate of Courts within the top echelon of the judicial structure.

The Judiciary has for long grappled with challenges associated with accountability and perceived corruption. This appointment of a senior judicial officer is poised to turn around a disturbing trend of the Judiciary where in the recent years it has been pitted as one of the most corrupt public institutions in Uganda. The Chief Inspector of Courts will among other strategic reforms lend support towards the judiciary’s anti-corruption initiatives through the implementation of the Judiciary Anti-Corruption Plan of Action and strengthen accountability.

The Justice, Law and Order  Sector congratulates his Lordship and welcomes this appointment as a strategic re-enforcement of the sector efforts to promote accountability, fight corruption and ensure optimal staff productivity. The appointment of Justice Nshimye comes at a time when the Judiciary is resolute on zero tolerance for corruption and committed to subjecting any officer found culpable to both administrative and criminal sanctions. The Judiciary has previously also put up three SMS hotlines for the public to report acts of corruption and unprofessional conduct by its staff; 0776 709100, 0703 707085  and 0794 702085.


By Musa Modoi | Published: January 14, 2016