URSB Opens Up Call Centre

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has opened up a call centre. The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has opened up a call centre.


Like any other busy organizations that frequently interact with many clients, Uganda Registration Services Bureau equally needs a call centre.

One thing companies and organizations, public or private, large or small, manufacturing, service or government have in common  is the critical need for exceptional customer service, so the increasing expectations for public-sector service levels necessitates a look at whether our operations have the capability to deliver adequate customer centred experiences, that drive a culture of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

After a critical look at our operations and as a response to our client feedback we have set up a call centre at our head office on George Street Georgian House. We have started with five agents and a traditional telephone line (0417338100); we expect the centre to evolve over time into a high-tech Call Center that will have ability to handle over 1000 calls on the typical business day.

At URSB we believe that every employee - client encounter must be considered an important opportunity to improve customer service and enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, we must actively solicit feedback from our clients; so that we get to know what they think so that we use their feedback to improve service delivery. 

Since its establishment, our call centre agents have compiled a database of client questions and the provided answers.  This growing database is a key to the centre’s high call completion rate and functions as a hub for information, services and programs the public can use.  

With a call centre in place, calls are being answered within the first 15 seconds and 80% of the calls are addressed by the call centre representatives directly in the first call while 20% are transferred to relevant officers for follow up.  As a consolidated centre for information, the public can gain access to relevant information in a short period of time with a single call. 

We believe that responses given quickly and courteously by knowledgeable and helpful agents are certainly valued highly by most clients and this translates into a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our organization has a lot of information on transactions between the customer and our staff, but little on customers’ real experience of us hence the need for us to hear from you through the call centre.


For any information about URSB services and complaints, call the call centre line on 0417338100.  

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