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#COVID-19: ODPP issues administrative measures on COVID-19

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions


In reference to the Presidential directives on the prevention and management of COVID-19, the ODPP has today issued the following administrative measures to all staff in departments, divisions and all regional offices:


1) Serious cases and those that pose a threat to public order and harmony to be registered in court for plea taking


2) Bail applications to be handled whenever the courts are sitting


3) Staff at the courts with video link to continue to operate of court decides to proceed


4) Regional ODPP officers to review committed files and prepare committal papers


5) Complainants allowed to only file written complaints at the registries and will follow up either on phone or after a period of 32 days


6) Registry staff to display phone numbers of the complaint desk officers as well as heads of stations


7) Scheduled national and international conferences and workshops postponed until further notice


8) No approval of foreign travels and those already approved rescinded until further notice


9) Sanitizers and other preventive measures put in place at ODPP service points in accordance to MOH COVID-19 protocols and guidelines



Prosecutors directed to advise Police as follows:


1) Process suspects for court in capital cases, serious or other offenses that are likely to disrupt social harmony and public order


2) Immediately produce suspects in court for plea and in any case not later than 48 hours


3) Process suspects in minor cases within 48 hours







Published: March 20, 2020