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JLOS Convenes Workshop to Review Draft Third Strategic Investment Plan

KAMPALA – The Justice Law and Order Sector has reiterated its goal of working with civil society and non-state actors as credible and reliable partners in the sector’s quest to improve the administration of justice, maintenance of law and order and human rights.This was revealed during a consultative workshop convened by JLOS to review the draft JLOS Third Strategic Investment Plan (SIP III). The Chair of the JLOS Technical Committee, H.W Henry Adonyo in his opening remarks said civil society organizations represent the demand side of justice and perform critical functions of monitoring JLOS programs as well as providing oversight. He said “for brevity you are always keeping us on our feet and that what is we like, because we cannot improve service delivery without satisfying the needs of our clients, whom you represent”.

Mr. Adonyo specifically urged the District Chain Linked Committees (DCCs) who he referred to as “foot soldiers in the field” to take interest in the SIP III development process because strategic planning is required necessary to promote strategic thinking, and improve decision making.

The well attended consultative workshop with civil society organizations drew a wide range of constructive comments and input to the draft SIP document in areas such as expected milestones of the plan, management processes, responsibility centers, monitoring and evaluation as well as the role of civil society.

The Deputy Chairperson of the National Planning Authority (NPA), Dr. Abel Rwendeire in his submission urged other sectors to emulate the JLOS example and help government effectively implement the National Development Plan. The Representative from the Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) stressed the need to have strategies consolidated into gains made under SIP II and avoid reversal of those very gains.

The JLOS SIP III is expected to be operationalized in June 2012 following the expiry of the SIP II currently being implemented. SIP III will work toward building on the successes of the previous plans (SIP I and SIP II) as well as ensuring the implementation of the Government of Uganda National Development Plan (NDP).