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Semi-Annual Performance Report (2012/13)


KAMPALA – The Justice, Law and Order Sector on April 17, 2013 held a semi-annual review for the current Financial Year (FY) of 2012/13 at Kabira Country Club here in Kampala. The semi-annual review is an opportunity for JLOS to assess progress of the sector mid-way through the year on commitments in the Work Plans, the undertakings and in the Government of Uganda Budget. The assessment enables JLOS to establish whether progress is being made and to further establish whether this progress is sufficient to address the needs of the public. The review also gives an opportunity to reflect on sector actions, on the part of both implementers and funders of the programmes.

The Chair of the Technical Committee, Ms Josephine Wasike who also chaired the review proceedings recognized the JLOS Development Partners (DPG) for their support in the last fourteen years. She said that the development partners’ support has transformed the sector from despair to hope - the greatest gift humanity can give to those in need.

Ms Wasike in her opening remarks said that the sector is committed to: building a robust and efficient justice system as part of the overall government policy of making public institutions effective and efficient; prioritizing re-engineering of processes to reduce redundancy, time wastage and inefficiencies; improvement of the climate for doing business in Uganda through reforms in the Uganda Registration Service Bureau; sponsoring the Civil Justice Competitive Strategy and Criminal Justice Strategy to deliver pointed reforms and give direction to working groups and institutions in managing transformation across the chain of justice.

The Semi-Annual Review was attended by representatives from all JLOS institutions as well as development partners from the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, USAID, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, UN Women and UNICEF



JLOS Semi-Annual Report (2012 - 2013) (2.8 MB)

Full remarks by the Chair Technical Committee (130.34 kB)


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