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Netherlands Commends JLOS as a Vehicle for Reforming Justice in Uganda

KAMPALA -- On April 9, 2013, the Justice Law and Order Sector was privileged to host Mr. Christiaan Rebergen the Deputy Director General , International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands and Mr. Martin Koper, the Director Africa Region. The visitors were accompanied by Alphon Hennekens the Netherlands Ambassador to Uganda, Ms. Marielle Geraedts, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda and Ms. Judith Maas the Co-Chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group. Mr. Rebergen, was in the country to familiarize himself with the operations of the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) and explore means of promoting relations and trade between Uganda and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At his first stopover, Mr. Rebergen, visited the Government Prison at Kigo where the Officer in Charge of the Prison, led him around the Prison Complex. He interacted with the inmates and appreciated the relaxed conditions under which the inmates related with the Prison’s staff. He also witnessed inmates teaching other inmates under the prison’s education programme and other inmates using a modern computer lab for training in ICT and communication. In a one to one interaction with the inmates, a female inmate told him that female inmates had challenges in linking up with their children and families. Other inmates complained about overstaying on remand , poor transport facilities to courts of law and the difficulty of accessing the justice system. On a lighter note, one inmate thanked the Prisons Authorities for having rehabilitated and given him new skills in farming and education, which he was going to use once he finished serving sentence.

Mr. Rebergen also met the members of Entebbe District Chain Linked Committee (DCC). Ms. Joyce Kavuma, the Chairperson of the DCC explained to the excited visitors, the role of the DCC in the administration of justice and how they were using communication, coordination and cooperation to remove impediments in the administration of justice. Mr. Koper, who had been instrumental in setting up JLOS in 1999, from the chain linked programme, was happy to learn that the sector had grown from the humble beginning of the chain linked in Masaka to a vibrant sector of seventeen institutions. At the end of the tour, Mr. Rebergen expressed satisfaction with the performance of JLOS observing that the sector wide approach offered valid lessons for the Kingdom of Netherlands in running a coordinated government and pledged his country’s continued support to Uganda.

Later in the day, Mr. Rebergen, had dinner with stakeholders where they discussed wide ranging issues including land justice , facilitation of business processes, reduction in lead times for accessing JLOS services and expediting the integration of the East African Community. Mr. Rebergen urged Uganda to expedite the implementation of the East African Common market before tackling the ambitious project of the East African political federation.


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