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In 2003, the Commercial court launched a two year Pilot Project to introduce compulsory court annexed mediation at the Commercial Court. This was done by the enactment of The Commercial Court Division (Mediation Pilot Project) Rules 2003, S.1. No. 71 of 2003. The effect of the Pilot Rules were to make mediation an integral part of the Commercial Court case administration system. The pilot stage was heavily funded by JLOS under the Commercial Justice Reform Programme (CJRP) and the European Union (EU). After the pilot period new Rules were promulgated to wit, The Judicature (Commercial Court Division) (Mediation) Rules 2007, S1. No. 55 of 2007. Under these rules mediation become a permanent feature of the Commercial Court processes and the court become a multi-door court house where mediation was to be attempted by the parties before a case could be fixed for hearing. The objective of introducing these Rules was to assist in the efficient and effective dispute resolution and disposal of cases at the commercial Court.

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