October 03, 2023

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Regional Chain-linked Committees (RCCs)

A2J Stakeholders (PHOTO: Judiciary) A2J Stakeholders (PHOTO: Judiciary)

At the Regional Level, SDP V maintains the Regional Chain-Linked Committees (RCC). Regions under JLOS SDP V will be equivalent to the High Court Circuits.

The RCC is chaired by the Most Senior Resident judge in the Circuit; with the Registrar as Secretary and comprised of the Chairpersons of all DCCs in the circuit and all JLOS institutional representatives with a regional mandate. Regional Chain-linked committees guide the rollout of SDP V in the circuit; backstop and provide direction to DCCs; link DCCs to the national level and vice versa and craft regional solutions to ensure attainment of JLOS SDP V results. RCCs are the conduits for information at the regional level; are a technical resource to DCCs and play an oversight role over SDP V implementation.



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Last modified on Sunday, 17 September 2023 10:57