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Sentencing Guidelines Committee

The Chief Justice on April 26, 2013 signed the Sentencing Guidelines into law and also constituted a sentencing guidelines committee. The mandate of this committee is to make recommendations to the Chief Justice for development of guidelines for other offenses, reviewing the existing guidelines, conduct public awareness on sentencing, advise on the use of the guidelines, establish a research, monitoring and development program on sentences and their effectiveness and monitor the implementation of the guidelines.

The Committee is chaired by the Hon. the Principal Judge and comprising of the following:

• A Justice of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, appointed on the recommendation of the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice respectively
• The head of the criminal division of the high Court
• Attorney General or his or her representative
• The Director public prosecutions or his or her representative
• The Inspector General of police or his or her representative
• A representative of the Uganda Law reform Commission
• A representative of the Justice Law and Order Sector
• The Commissioner General of prisons or his or her representative
• A representative from the National Community Service Committee
• A Magistrate appointed by the Uganda Judicial Officer's Association and three members of the public appointed by the Chief Justice.

The Committee is supported by a sentencing secretariat (a research arm of the Sentencing Committee) headed by Mr. Khaukha Andrew of the Uganda Law Reform Commission.

The guidelines will be published in the Gazette on the 24th of May 2013 and will be launched by the Hon the Chief Justice on the 6th of June 2013.


DOWNLOAD the Sentencing Guidelines (456.51 kB)


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