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JLOS Holds 18th Annual Sector Review

The Ag. Chief Justice, Justice Stephen B.K Kavuma (L)  handing over the JLOS Annual Peformance Report (2012/13) to the Chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group, H.E Dan Frederiksen during the 18th Annual JLOS Review on October 8, 2013. (PHOTO: JLOS MEDIA The Ag. Chief Justice, Justice Stephen B.K Kavuma (L) handing over the JLOS Annual Peformance Report (2012/13) to the Chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group, H.E Dan Frederiksen during the 18th Annual JLOS Review on October 8, 2013. (PHOTO: JLOS MEDIA


KAMPALA - The Justice, Law and Order Sector on October 8, 2013 held the 18th annual joint Government of Uganda and Development Partners Review that underscored the important role played by functional infrastructure in enhancing service delivery across the chain of justice. The one day conference held under the theme “JLOS infrastructure for improved service delivery” is the first review conference under the JLOS Third Strategic Investment Plan (SIP III) that was launched in March 2012.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who chaired the opening session in his remarks appreciated the development partners for supplementing government efforts in strengthening institutions charged with the administration of justice. He acknowledged the infrastructural challenges faced by the sector citing accommodation in the police and prisons as well as the reality of costly office space for most JLOS institutions. He expressed optimism that the JLOS House project and continued sector support to decongest detention centers would go a long way in solving some of these bottlenecks. Gen. Nyakairima also underlined the sector’s commitment toward ensuring the security of persons and property especially in the wake of increasing terrorism threats and actions.

In his welcome remarks, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Gen. Kahinda Otafiire thanked the JLOS development partners and stakeholders for their continued support and commitment to the Sector and the promotion of a strong justice system in Uganda. He added that even though the first implementation year of SIP III was characterized by lots of challenges, the sector had devised dynamic strategies to address these obstacles and strive toward the goal of promoting the rule of law. Gen. Otafiire said that “brick and mortar” investments (referring to infrastructure) remained a critical component of the sector reform programme, increasing communities’ physical access to JLOS services especially in areas that have previously been marginalized.


WATCH: The JLOS XPerience (YouTube Video)


The Chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group who is also the Danish ambassador to Uganda, H.E Dan Frederiksen commended the sector for strong commitment toward the observance and promotion of human rights but also expressed concern about some human rights violations in places of detention. H.E Frederiksen also said that the appointment of an unprecedented number of judges in the last financial year was well received by the development partners. Noting that many of those appointed to the bench had served as court registrars, he called upon the Judicial Service Commission to expedite the recruitment of more registrars to fill this gap. The Development partners also commended JLOS for steps toward combating the vice of corruption evidenced through the development of the JLOS anti-corruption strategy and recent launch of the Judiciary Anti-Corruption Strategy.

The Ag. Chief Justice, Justice Stephen B.K Kavuma in his keynote address to participants said that the sector is not only committed to setting up buildings but infrastructure that enhances service delivery and adds value to the lives of the public. He said that sector infrastructure will be designed to provide quality services and support the wider people centered reforms ongoing in the public service. He thanked the development partners especially the Kingdom of the Netherlands ,Denmark, Norway, Austria, the United States of America and the European Union for the enormous support they have given Uganda to build JLOS infrastructure across the country especially in the hard to reach areas. Justice Kavuma also appealed to the Government to support the Shs. 200bn JLOS House Project and shs.150bn required to build a complete chain of justice centers throughout the country within the next five (5) years.

Sector Performance FY 2012 - 2013

In the year 2012-2013, the sector registered a big number of successes even against a backdrop of funding shortfalls from the Government in the last quarter.

For the first time, the President appointed 29 judges at ago. Judges also received some enhancement in their pay. The Uganda Police Force through a multi-pronged approach supported by community policing managed to keep the crime rate at 305 for every 100,000 – making Uganda one of the safest countries to live in.

The Uganda Prisons Service through its rehabilitation and reintegration programmes managed to keep rates of recidivism at less than 3 persons for every 10 convicts. The Directorate of Public Prosecution registered more convictions than acquittals through its quality assurance programmes. The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control opened new centres for issuance of passports say in Mbarara and soon others are to be opened in Mbale.

The Law Development Centre and Uganda Registration Service Bureau opened new service points to serve the public better. Human rights violations against JLOS institutions reduced tremendously in the reporting year following the establishment of Human Right Committees in the Police and Prison Forces and through principled dialogues between the Uganda Human Rights Commission.


In his closing remarks, the Chief Justice strongly reassured the country of the sector’s firm commitment to fight corruption. He said the JLOS Anti-Corruption strategy would be operationalized to fight corruption though strategic pillars of prevention, detection and punishment of the corrupt. The pursuit of these, he said, would go a long way in promoting integrity in the sector and society. The Chief justice also said that JLOS is committed to ensuring quality service standards are established and operationalized such as the introduction of performance management systems in JLOS institutions.



The JLOS Anti-Corruption Strategy (501.06 kB)

Keynote Address by the Chief Justice (188.97 kB)

Remarks by H.E Dan Frederiksen, Chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group (103.95 kB)

Welcome Remarks by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (556.23 kB)

Closing Remarks by the Chief Justice (269.24 kB)



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