October 03, 2023

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Innovations Changing the Lives of Ordinary Ugandans: A JLOS Special Edition

Innovations Changing the Lives of Ordinary Ugandans: A JLOS Special Edition Innovations Changing the Lives of Ordinary Ugandans: A JLOS Special Edition




For 15 years, the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) has spearheaded the promotion of the rule of law and access to justice for all Ugandans. JLOS has become synonymous with cutting-edge reforms and innovations in the justice system, these which can be traced back to the highly acclaimed Chain Linked Initiative first launched in 1999. In doing so, the Sector has driven improvements in infrastructure, human development, and institutional capacity as well as introduced new ways of delivering justice and ensuring law and order

From promoting Community Policing, a joint effort approach that allows the Uganda Police and the communities within which they serve to work together to maintain law and order, to prioritizing children’s cases in courts in an effort for improved juvenile justice, to improving the environment for doing business through commercial justice reforms, the Sector has undoubtedly impacted the lives of many Ugandans. JLOS is committed to concretizing these efforts especially to serve the poorest and most vulnerable among the Ugandan population.

It is my pleasure therefore to introduce this publication that highlights some JLOS innovations and interventions that tell of the Sector’s impact over the years. These stories highlight our demonstrated pledge to ensure justice for all and JLOS’s contribution to building a renewed trust in the institutions mandated with delivering justice in Uganda. Further to that, they provide an insight into the ideal future that we envisage for the Sector and for the Ugandan society as far as justice, law and order are concerned.

While the stories highlighted reflect how far the Sector has come, we are cognizant of the challenge for continuous improvement and accept it with a renewed zeal. JLOS, therefore, remains dedicated to the creation of a society that protects and promotes fundamental rights, one that ensures the respect of law as well as one that works to build the necessary structures to nurture a vibrant and growing economy for Uganda. As we work more closely with our partners in Government, civil society, the international community, and with Ugandans from all walks of life, we look forward to greater achievements in the years to come.


Bart M. Katureebe

Chief Justice of the Republic of Uganda

October 10, 2015 



Produced by LPLC Consult Uganda, Ltd. for JLOS - the Justice Law and Order Sector in Uganda 

Financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) © 2015 - The Justice, Law and Order Sector (Government of the Republic of Uganda). All Rights Reserved.


Lead Writer and Editor:

 Annet Mbabazi Ntezi


JLOS Editorial Team:

Rachel Odoi-Musoke

Sam Rogers Wairagala

Edgar Kuhimbisa


Design and Layout:

Gerald Ssali (87 Eight Seven)

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