October 03, 2023

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Working Groups of the Access to Justice Sub-programme

SGBV stakeholders at a recent event in Kampala (PHOTO: JLOS) SGBV stakeholders at a recent event in Kampala (PHOTO: JLOS)

Due to the breadth of the reform programme, working groups are extensions of the Technical Committee that offer in-depth consideration that would otherwise not be possible in the Technical Committee. Working Groups do not have decision-making powers. They report to the Technical Committee for decisions related to resource allocation and management.

The Technical Committee largely operates through the following Working Groups:

  1. Access to Justice Civil is subdivided into two sub-committees (Civil main and Land Justice
  2. Access to Justice Criminal - with one sub-committee (Children and Family justice)
  3. Human Rights and Accountability.
  4. Transitional Justice.
  5. Budget Working group
  6. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Working Group.

All chairpersons of working groups are selected by the Technical Committee from its membership, while alternate chairpersons of each Working Group are determined annually by members of each WG.

The Advisors in the Secretariat support the working groups in accordance with their respective portfolios.



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Last modified on Sunday, 17 September 2023 10:56