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About the National NGO Board

The National NGO board mandated to register, regulate, monitor, coordinate and advise government on the NGO sector.

Functions of the National NGO Board:

(a) Conduct background checks and scrutinize the credentials and status of all international NGOs seeking to register and operate in Uganda. Only legitimate NGOs are to be allowed to operate in Uganda.

(b) Make recommendations to the relevant authorities in regard to employment of non-citizens by an NGO, or whether an NGO may be exempted from taxes and duties or be accorded any other privileges or immunities;

(c) Consider new applications for registration by Non-Governmental Organizations including NGO umbrellas/networks/clusters;

(d) Consider applications for renewal of NGO permits;

(e) Keep a Register of all registered NGOs;

(f) Monitor compliance by all registered NGOs with the terms and conditions of their certificate of registration/incorporation , and their Constitution;

(g) Provide appropriate guidelines for operationalization of the NGO Policy at line ministry and lower levels of district administration consistent with the principles of this and other policies;

(h) In liaison with designated officers in line ministries and Local Government Authorities, monitor district relations with NGOs to ensure compliance with set guidelines;

(i) Coordinate Government engagement with other NGO sector stakeholders including umbrella organizations to promote responsible and accountable conduct amongst NGO sector actors in the country;

(j) Coordinate Government engagement with other stakeholders, including development partners, in efforts to enhance capacity building and sustainability of the NGO sector;

(k) Coordinate Government engagement with other stakeholders to establish a reliable database and information system on the NGO sector in Uganda;

(l) Work closely with the sector lead Ministry, NGO umbrella organizations and other stakeholders to prepare, and disseminate widely, periodic official reports on the status, contribution and impact of the NGO sector to national development;

(m) Advise the Minister on the general policy relating to the operations of Organizations.


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